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PRP Facial is endorsed by many celebrities and skin care experts. PRP treatment (Sometimes known as Dracula, Vampire facial, or Plasma therapy) is an exciting natural treatment with its origins in wound healing and medicine.

"What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy?"
Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is a non-surgical treatment that utilizes your own body’s healing abilities to stimulate skin and follicle recovery. It is a natural treatment that uses the platelets from your own blood. These activated platelets secrete and release at least 7 different growth factors which enhance the natural healing process of the skin and hair follicles.

During a PRP Therapy treatment, a small amount of blood is drawn from you into a sterile tube in the exact same manner as a standard blood test. The tube containing your blood is placed into a centrifuge and spun to separate the plasma and platelets from the other blood components. 

After a few minutes, the PRP layer is removed from the same tube and re-introduced into the body at the site to be treated. Using a small sterile needle, your practitioner will inject the PRP in and around the desired site.

The production of collagen is induced by the PRP will brighten, rejuvenate and rehydrate the skin even after the first treatment. A course of 3-4 treatments is recommended to see the full effects of this pioneering technique.

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"Does it hurt?"

  • Face: Minimal pain, if needed topical anesthetic cream can be used which will numb the face.

  • Scalp: Mild / Moderate pain. Each individual's pain threshold will be different so the level of pain experienced will vary.

"How many treatments and how often is this therapy needed?"
While responses to treatment vary, most people will require 3-4 sessions. Each set of treatments is spaced approximately 4-6 weeks apart. There is no limit to the number of treatments you can have. Your practitioner will determine your treatment protocol according to your skin/scalp condition.

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"What results can I expect from PRP treatments?"

Improvement of skin texture and tone is noticeable within three weeks. Full collagen regeneration takes up to three months. Reduction in hair loss is noticeable within 8 weeks. In most cases, hair re-growth is seen 3-6 months after the last treatment. Results will vary from person to person - during the consultation, the practitioner will examine your area of concern and take into account your
medical history and expected results for your case will be discussed thoroughly.

"Are there possible side effects of PRP facial rejuvenation?"
Mild / Moderate swelling and redness for 12-48 hours. Mild bruising may also occur. How long the side effects last will vary from person to person - in some cases, sides may take longer to subside.

"How long do results last?"
Treatment results vary, however, in most patients the results last up to 24 months after completing a course of 4 treatments. Touch-up treatments (every 3-6 months) will maintain the results.

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